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All our treatment menu goes that gorgeous touch to book for VIP room with extra charge.

Frangipani Concept
We fully utilize the potential of natural materials from Bali into our treatment

We provide you treatments utilizing natural materials in Bali such as, Bali herb secret remedy, Betal leave, Garam, Flower, Herb, Bambu, Volcanic stone, and more. Forget your daily stress and enjoy the relaxation in resort.

What is Jamu?
Jamu is a secret remedy popularly used during Indonesian Solo dynasty, this ancient traditional healing medical method is carried on more than 1200 years. Jamu is natural herb remedy made from plant roots, wood or flowers. Originally introduced by Indian 'Ayurveda', the basic jamu method follows the Ayurveda medical method. We provide range of spa treatment using our original cosmetic brand "LOHAS" which is jamu based product.

What is Betel?
Betel is one of the most popular herb among Indonesian traditional treatment Jamu. Indonesian women usually use Betel during ablution with its efficacy of cleansing and deodorizing. Frangipani boil down Betal right before your arrival and put it in our Four Flower Bath with the same method as when it is used for ablution.

What is Garam?
Garam is hand-made salt that is made with blue ocean extreme sunbeam. Salt is necessary for human body with its consist of rich minerals. You are losing minerals from your body when you are stressed in your daily life. Your body function also gets lower when you are lack of minerals that activate sells of your body, even though you are taking much nutrition as source of energy. Using salt is the best to acquire minerals on your body to utilise minerals from ocean. There are so many elements in the ocean as it is called all the element that is necessary for human body is in ocean. Minerals will will enhance body function to activate metabolism, to normalise autonomic nerves, to make you relax, and more. The hand-made salt is created Kusamba region in Bali by sun drying for our foot bath, and we use it for our foot bath.


We introduced our Bridal Esthetics treatment on Japanese TV Program for who had their wedding in Bali.
(4 th March 2016)

Treatment Menu:
Meditation Half + Afternoon Tea Set (in Standard Room)

We introduced our traditional Bali massage on TBS TV program.
(Oct 26th on air)

Treatment Menu:
Chakra Treatment with Gamelan Ball Healing in VIP Room

We are published in the news magazine Bali

We are highly evaluated on tripadvisor.

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