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- Spa Products -

“Frangipani aesthetics”, a popular spa from the heavenly island Bali, presents the new organic cosmetic brand, LOHAS. LOHAS is the first organic cosmetic brand in Indonesia meeting the international standard, offering increased safety in applying the products. LOHAS products are also used in the actual Frangipani aesthetics practice. LOHAS offers products crafted from JAMU, Indonesia’s traditional herbs, and Bali’s fruits and natural flowers.



LOHAS ORGANIC SOAP is a soap that fully utilizes power of nature combining JAMU philosophy and aromatherapy.This contributes on your skin with 7 necessary elements (whitening, tightening, moisturizing, brightening, toning up, resilient, smoothing).
This product is actually used on about 10,000 customers of Frangipani Esthetics in Bali. It heal 5 senses and also organic. We wants to propose that even babies can enjoy aroma life if we use proper 100% organic aroma oil.

Japanese distributor selling price :
   1,200 yen[tax included][HAPINESS]
   1,000 yen[tax included][Others]
Local Price :
   Rp 40,000.-[Happiness]
   Rp 35,000,-[Others]

[LOHAS ORGANIC RELAX:smoothen and whiten your skin with Aloe&Honey!]

Lavender and Rosemaryflavor will relief your mind and heal you. Lavender and Rosemary gives you vitality by enhancing the power of healing comes from inside of you. Beewax is effective for rough skin and stains. Aloe humidify and brighten your skin. INGREDIENTS:Palm oil、Coconut oil、Honey、Aloe、Beeswax、Lavender & BergamotEO

[Do not use for baby when you are not sure if your baby has nuts allergy/ soy allergy!]
[LOHAS ORGANIC DREAM:Soy milk helps your pimplecare!]

Freshflavor of Kayyupi and Tea tree makes you feel pure feeling of spring.It contains balanced Isoflavone, saponin, lecithin, and VitaminE. This is a face wash that keeps your skin clean, tighten your pores to avoid pimple.
INGREDIENTS:Palm Oil、Palm Oil、Honey、Aloe、Beeswax、soy milk、Kayyupi & Tea Tree EO

[LOHAS ORGANIC PASSION:Cacao butter moisturizes your skin!]

Flavor of orange and lemon refreshes your mood. Cacaobutter soap moisturizes your skin. Cacao butter is a solid when it is at normal temperatures, but it melts with human skin temperature. It moisturizes your skin by adding protection film on your skin and by making it flexible. Since it also has strong detergency, your skin will be clean and moisturized at the same time. It is recommended for those with dry skin.
INGREDIENTS:Palm Oil、Palm Oil、Honey、Aloe、Beeswax、cacaobutter 、Orange & LemonEO

[LOHAS ORGANIC HARMONY:Papaya moisturize your skin!]

This is a fresh soap withdietary fiber, citric acid, and various vitamins with eucalyptus and pepper mintの. Therefore, this is effective for skins that is damaged by UV. get rid of old horny and stains. skin with feeling of transparency.
INGREDIENTS:Palm Oil, Palm Oil, Honey, Aloe, Beeswax, papaya, eucalyptus&pepper mintEO

[LOHAS ORGANIC HAPPINESS:It can be used with sensitiveskin. Made of goat milk!]

Gorgeous flavor of orange sweet rose wood makes it sophisticated adult flavor. Your sensitive skin will be flexible with protection film of goat milk. PH of goat milk is almost the same as of human skin. This product soften your skin cells and makes it flexible.
INGREDIENTS:Palm oil, Palm Oil, Honey, Aloe, Goat Milk, Orange sweet, and Rose Wood EO

[LOHAS ORGANIC JOYFUL:Effective for smoothing and moisturizing. Contains Oatmeal !]

Vivid grape fruit and Bergamot awakens your skin and will make your day. Oatmeal is to be used for scrubbing to get rid of old horny and stains. Also used for moisturizing and smoothing.
INGREDIENTS:Palm Oil, Palm Oil, Honey, Aloe, oatmeal, grape fruit&BergamotEO

Toning Up
[Do not use this product on baby skin since this product contains body scrub]
[LOHAS ORGANIC Splash:Indonesia traditional Jamu Scrub!]

Powerful flavor of Citronella and Lemongrass refreshes your mood.
This lurur (scrub) soap is functional deodorant soap. Elements from stem of plants remove smell of your body, and give natural flavor instead. Also, various spice in the lurur soften and brighten your skin.
INGREDIENTS:Palm oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Aloe, Lurur(Saffron, Kuntur, Ginger)Citronella&Lemongrass, EO