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- Spa Products -

“Frangipani aesthetics”, a popular spa from the heavenly island Bali, presents the new organic cosmetic brand, LOHAS. LOHAS is the first organic cosmetic brand in Indonesia meeting the international standard, offering increased safety in applying the products. LOHAS products are also used in the actual Frangipani aesthetics practice. LOHAS offers products crafted from JAMU, Indonesia’s traditional herbs, and Bali’s fruits and natural flowers.



Bergamot : Rp 75,000
Bergamot calms your nerve when you are feeling depressed, irritated, stressed, or when you want to refresh.

Lavender: Rp 55,000
Lavender calms your nerve to help you relax, to get rid of your anxious, and to help you to sleep well.

Lemongrass: Rp 50,000
Lemongrass has fresh and powerful flavor. This improves your stress or appetite.

Rosemary: Rp 55,000
Rosemary improves your blood circulation and activate your energy that worms your body up. It also helps you to calm your nerve. It is so-called memory flower that helps you to concentrate & memorize.

Sweet Orange: Rp 45,000
Sweet Orange will cheer you up by calming your mind. This is to be used when you are anxious / depressed or when you want to feel happy.

Tea Tree: Rp 70,000
Tea Tree is an oil to be used when you want to refresh your mind or when you want to improve the mood of inside of your room.

Ylang Ylang: Rp 75.000
Ylang Ylang makes men feel femininity from women. Newly married couples in Bali tend to put leaves of Ylang Ylang on the bed for the first night after wedding.