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SPA Cafe
The spa café in Frangipani "BeNatural", based on the concept using fresh vegetables and fruits gathered in Bali island. We have pasta, rice plate, sandwich etc. We use simple fresh vegetables and fruits.

For dessert, we have Balinese Pannenkoeken topped with fresh vegetables and fruits harvested on the day. Pannenkoeken is an ultra thin pancake spread under the Netherlands' control in Bali. Enjoy the Balinese Pannenkoeken and fresh fruits only in here Frangipani. You may enjoy these, as a reward to yourself after the spa.

Spice Rice Plate
with Jawa Tea/Bali Coffee/Aqua
Rp 50,000

Garam Masala
1. Garam Masala

Fried rice spiced garam masala attached with grilled chicken and salad. Be healthy with kabab and salad.

Cayenne Pepper
2. Cayenne Pepper

Try spice kingdom's unique hot fried rice!

with Jawa Tea/Bali Coffee/Aqua
Rp 60,000

Pasta Bali
Pasta Bali

Collaboration sambal mata and chicken

Toast & Sandwich
with Jawa Tea/Bali Coffee/Aqua

Clubhouse Sandwich & French Fries
1. Clubhouse Sandwich & French Fries
Rp 50,000

Fresh vegetables and eggs put between slices of bacon. With french fries.

French Toast
2. French Toast
Rp 40,000

Enjoy our french toast with fresh vegetables and whipping cream.

Salsa & Sweet Sour Cream
3. Salsa & Sweet Sour Cream
Rp 50,000

Enjoy two tastes, bacon & sweet sour cream in salsa!

Rp. 60,000

Dark Choco Cheese
1. Dark chocolate, nutella sauce [hazelnut sauce] and whipped cream. We delivered an almond crunch to the deluxe combination! Please give chocolate sauce to vanilla ice cream and eat it!

Banana Almond Honey
2. Almond crunch in banana, maple syrup and whipped cream topping. Please enjoy the exquisite taste of caramel sauce and whipped cream. Please apply vanilla ice with maple syrup.

Double Bery Cream
3. We combined Strawberry & Burberry double berries and whipped cream. It is refreshing taste. Please apply vanilla ice with blueberry sauce.

Soft Drinks

Fresh Juice

Cincau Jelly

Pepaya / Papaya - Rp 15,000
Semangka / Watermelon - Rp 15,000
Melon / Melon - Rp 15,000
Jus Campur / Mix Juice - Rp 20,000

Tea, Coffee, and Others

Kopi Bali
Teh Jawa

Kopi Bali /Bali Coffee
Rp 16,000
Teh Jawa / Java Tea
Rp 16,000
Mineral Water "Aqua"
Rp 10,000

Afternoon Tea

Choice of Pannekoeken

Bali Fruit
Bali Fruit Paradise

Seasonal fruits and whipped cream grew in Bali land
Mango Jam
Mango Jam with Orange Peel

Simmered orange peer with mango, put with whipped cream
Strawberry Wipe
Snow Strawberry

We put a white chocolate on whipped cream and strawberry like a snowfall
Banana Almond
Banana & Almond Honey

Sweet rich banana and almond topped with honey
Banana Choco
Banana Chocolate

Royal road combination!
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad & Southern Island Sauce

You can enjoy the vegetables and chickens rolled in vegetable Pannekoeken even if you dislike sweet meals
Mango Sourbet
Mango Sherbet

Mango Sherbet topped with yogurt, honey sauce, and almond with blueberry.
Passion Fruit Sherbet
Passion Fruit Sherbet

Passion fruits sherbet topped with yogurt, honey sauce, and almond with blueberry.
Dragon Fruit Sherbet
Dragon Fruit Sherbet

Dragon fruits sherbet topped with yogurt, honey sauce, and almond with blueberry.

Choice of Drinks

Java Tea
Java Tea
Bali Coffee
Bali Coffee

  1. For VIP meal menu, you can choose any 1 meal + fruits cocktail + fresh fruits juice + free drink of aqua etc. However, with a menu with meals such as meditation, chakra treatment If you use the VIP room, you will have one meal + afternoon tea.
  2. Customer reserved VIP room directly from us will a A set with you.
  3. For standard room with a meal, you can choose any 1 meal except for pasta + aqua.
  4. Those other than meal could also have a meal with additional charge. Also for take out.
  5. If you need to add meal to your menu, please inform us before your treatment on the day.
  6. According to the Bali's Hindu holiday, those menu may not be served. If you reserved a menu with meal, we could respond you with a Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng etc. Please note it in advance.