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Frangipani Esthetic School is a new spa school for professionals.


Esthetic School

Frangipani Esthetic School is a new spa school for professionals who are planning to renew the salon/menu

Esthetic school

We provide unique spa utilizing "Jamu" that is used only by us.
We will not provide you a translator.

*Please book our courses from our reservation page.


Training Outline

Flower Flower
1 Day Training 3 Days Training
Price Rp 2,250,000
Massage model Rp 250,000
Rp 5,900,000
Massage model Rp 250,000/day
Training Menu Jamu Massage Jamu Massage
Jamu Head Spa (Cream Bath)
Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours
Service / Materials
Textbook, Frangipani Certification, Lunch, Shuttle Service from hotel, 1 estetic service from training menu (1 hour)
Minimum of
1 person


Minimum number of applicant:from 1 person
(We will prepare massage model for 15 USD/ day)
Menu:Jamu Massage & Jamu Head Spa (Cream Bath)
Period:1 day/ 3 days
(You can select body or head massage if you take 6 hours course You can take both courses if you take 18 hours course)
Price:1 day Rp2.250.000 3 days Rp5.900.000 with a massage model 1 day Rp200.000.-
Included:textbook、certification (issued by Frangipani), lunch, pick up service, spa experience with the same spa menu from the menu that you applied (1 hour each)

Flower Flower
10:00 Start
10:00 - 11:15 Spa Experience
11:15 - 12.30 Training
12.30 - 13.00 Lunch
13:00 - 16:00 Training
16:00 Finish