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VIP Room

Enjoy your favorite treatment
in our exclusively private VIP room.

What is VIP?
What is VIP Room?

Gorgeous and stylish interior of chic brown theme color, our luxurious VIP room with natural woods gives you gorgeous atmosphere.

You can enjoy all the treatments including cream bath in your own private VIP room.

Explore the ultimate spa experience in VIP room, exclusively in Frangipani Esthetics.


Vip Facilities 1
Vip Facilities 2
Vip Facilities 3

Privilege 1
You can choose a type of 3 baths

Detox Fower Bath
Detox Flower Bath

Wine Bath
Wine Bath

Detox Dry Herb Bath
Detox Dry Herb Bath

Privilege 2
If you make a reservation from us, you will receive your favorite dessert Balinese Pangekuen!

Banana Choco
Banana Chocolate

Strawberry Wipe
Snow Strawberry

Banana Almond
Banana & Almond Honey

There is a meal service in the VIP room but those with meals such as meditation and chakra treatment will be served once a meal + Afternoon Tea Set